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Community Boards

Policy Information

Issuing Office

Student Affairs

Affected Parties

All University faculty, staff, and students, as well as community members

Policy Language

Those wishing to use Liberty University Community Boards must adhere to the procedures outlined below.

Policy Rationale

The Community Boards policy provides guidelines for distributing information via print media on bulletin boards to the Liberty University community.

Definition of Glossary Terms

None specified

Procedural Information



All flyers must meet Liberty University standards. Use of the boards is a privilege and ultimately contingent upon the discretion of Commuter Services.

All flyers must be physically brought to Commuter Services for approval. A copy machine is available in the Green Hall lobby if needed. Commuter Services cannot make copies.
Each flyer will be stamped with an expiration date based on its content, explained below.
Individuals are responsible for hanging all flyers on approved boards using approved methods. For your convenience, maps are available at Commuter Services. Expired flyers will be removed by Liberty University staff.

Detailed Procedures

A maximum of 25 flyers per person or group can be approved at one time.

Due to space limitations, 8.5 x 11 flyers are preferred but sizes up to 11x17 are acceptable. Posters larger than 11 x 17 will be given special consideration.
Please be sure to leave an area of “white space” on your flyer so the stamp is visible. If no “white space” is available, the flyer will not be approved.
ONLY one (1) flyer is allowed to be posted on each board. Duplicate flyers will be removed.
You may use staples, push-pins or thumbtacks to hang flyers. *You must provide your own materials. *Tape and glue are not permitted as they damage the boards. Any flyer taped or glued will be immediately removed.
Flyers hung on walls, doors or anywhere other than Community Boards will be removed.
Single- day event flyers (i.e. concerts, poetry readings, etc.) should be approved no more than 10 days prior to the event and will expire 1 day after the advertised date of the event.
All event flyers should be approved no more than 10 days prior to the registration deadline (if applicable) or the events opening day. Events lasting less than a week (i.e. conferences, seminars, etc.) shall expire 1 day after the event or registration deadline (if applicable).
Events lasting one week or longer (i.e. museum displays, fellowship groups, etc.) shall be taken down 1 day after the event begins and given the option of being reposted by Commuter Services after 10 days, provided the event has not concluded.
Non-events/non-profit flyers expire after 10 days (i.e. guitarist wanted, need a ride, etc.)
For profit flyers expire 10 days after date of approval (i.e. real estate, restaurants, car services, etc.).

Fee (Non-Liberty University/LCA/TRBC Persons/Groups Only)

Real Estate Related Flyers: $10/10 days

Non Real Estate Flyers: $5/10 days
Online payment and checks ONLY. Please make check out to Liberty University Commuter Services.

Contact Information

Office Hours: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Closed during Convocation)

Location: Green Hall 1830
Phone: (434) 592-3067


None specified