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Bowhunting Policy

Policy Information

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Policy Language

Liberty University Campus Recreation requires that all students using the bowhunting resources to adhere to the below procedures. Please refer to the Camp Hydaway website ( for additional bowhunting requirements.

Policy Rationale

Liberty University Campus Recreation department requires all student engaging in bowhunting activities to be knowledge of safety protocols and proper use of equipment.

Definition of Glossary Terms

Bowhunting (or bow hunting) is the practice of hunting game animals by archery.

Procedural Information


When pulling through any cable gate, please be sure gate is closed behind you.

Park in designated area; do not drive off designated roads.

Sign in name, cell #, date, time, and zone location before entering hunting location.

Sign out date and time.

Hunting with a partner is strongly recommended and carrying a cell phone is required

Please practice bowhunting etiquette! If you are hunting early a.m. or late evening, please do not come in late (at sunrise) to your stand or leave early (before sunset).  Also remain on the mountain roads when traveling through the property as long as possible.  It is NOT proper etiquette to walk through a wooded zone where someone else is hunting!!

Vehicle Parking Decal

 All members will have displayed a Liberty University official parking decal on their vehicle while parked on Liberty University hunting property. Vehicles parked at or on Liberty University property without a Liberty University decal will be considered as trespassing and the vehicle will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Identification & Membership

The Liberty Bowhunting membership card must be carried by all members when on hunting property. Government issued photo identification must also be on members when on hunting property.  Both must be presented on demand to Liberty University staff, LUPD, Game Wardens, and other members. 

General Rules

  • All Archers must read and agree to and follow all hunting safety rules.
  • All Archers must sign the assumption of risk form prior to participating in any hunting activities.
  • Any violators of the safety rules will have their privileges revoked and will be banned from the property.
  • Members are responsible to read and obey all county, state, and federal hunting regulations.
  • LU members must always wear 100 square inches of solid blaze orange and visible from 360 degrees when hunting on Liberty University’s property regardless of the season.
  • Use of a safety belt and harness is REQUIRED whenever using any tree stand on archery property. –FAILURE TO COMPLY WILL RESULT IN REVOKED PRIVILIGES.
  • Members may set personal stands on the property, but each stand must be identified with a weather resistant tag that includes the following information:
      • Full Name
      • LU Student ID #
      • Phone #
      • 2013-2014 Season
    • Members are free to use club stands on a first come first serve basis.
    • Members shall not use personal stands of fellow club members set on archery property without prior verbal and/ or written permission of the stand owner.
    • No alcohol, tobacco, or drugs permitted on any property at any time.
    • Always be sure of your target and background before firing.
    • There will be no hunting with guns.  Bows only.  Traditional, Compound and Recurve only.  NO CROSSBOWS.
    • Hunting Club dues must be paid on dates determined by Camp Hydaway.
    • Amount of dues each year will be determined by Camp Hydaway staff.
    • All membership dues are non-refundable.
    • All members will be required to fill out a new membership application each season.
    • All new members will be on probation for a period of one year. The Assistant Director of Student Activities will make final decision on all bow hunting matters.
    • ABSOLUTELY NO GUESTS.  This privilege is for those who qualify and are issued a valid membership.
    • Vehicles must be parked in designated areas. Vehicles may ONLY be driven up the mountain road to retrieve a harvested deer from the property. –FAILURE TO COMPLY WILL RESULT IN LOSS OF PRIVILEGE FOR ALL CLUB MEMBERS TO DRIVE VEHCILES PAST THE KIOSK PARKING AREA .
    • Any careless or reckless driving on club property is cause for dismissal from the club and its property.
    • Field dressing a harvested deer may be done on the property at the designated area down near the kiosk.
    • Students MAY NOT take harvested deer onto Liberty University’s campus at any time. If a student wishes to process their own deer, they must procure a place off campus to do so.

Animal Management Guidelines

  • Club members must harvest a doe before harvesting a second buck.
  • Members must harvest a second doe before harvesting a third buck.
  • Bucks that may be harvested must meet one the following criteria
  • Must have 4 points on one side, or the spread on the antlers must be the width of the ears or approximately 15”.
  • Vehicles may be used to retrieve deer but may not be taken off the main logging roads.
  • Club members must report each deer that is harvested including time, date, sex, and location to Mike Ellsworth, Assistant Director of Student Activities. (
  • Club members are expected to retrieve any deer that has been wounded and properly extract the deer from the property. If you have problems tracking or retrieving, contact Camp Hydaway at 434-592-6284 or Mike Ellsworth.

Students may hunt the marked sections on the backside of Lone Jack Mountain, which is from Camp Hydaway Rd to the top ridgeline of the archery property.  No one is permitted to hunt in or scout in the indicated zones.

  • Stand placement- it is allowable for club members to secure their own personal stands on the Lone Jack property. However, upon recognition of a stand that is already been placed, club members are asked not to set a stand within 100 yards of a preset stand. Hunting areas are first come, first serve. Just because a permanent stand has been set does not mean that one cannot bring a climber and hunt that same area if they have signed in to that area based on the first come, first serve basis.
  • Scent control- as with the nature of any hunt club, many members have the opportunity to come and go while hunting particular areas. Please make every effort to control your scent each time you enter the hunting area, this includes scouting and stand placement. Lack of scent control can push game out of your hunting area. Great article to read concerning this can be found by here (


Failure to comply with the use of a harness and safety belt when using a tree stand on archery property will result in revoked privileges.

Failure to park vehicles in designated area and only driven up the mountain road to retrieve a harvested deer from the property will result in loss of privileges for all club members to drive vehicles past the Kiosk parking area.

Any careless or reckless driving on club property is cause for dismissal from the club and its property.