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Alternative Convocation Speaker Selection Policy

Policy Information

Issuing Office

LU Stages

Affected Parties

Faculty, staff, students, and departments

Policy Language

Any faculty, staff, or department planning to hold an Alternative Convocation on one or more of the official Alternative Convocation dates allocated by the Office of Spiritual Programs each semester must seek and be granted approval for its planned keynote speaker by either OSP or the Provost.

Policy Rationale

As the administrative authority over all academic departments, the Provost’s office must maintain oversight and approval of all desired “alternative convocation” speakers that departments wish to invite for their respective “alternative convocation."

Definition of Glossary Terms

OSP: Office of Spiritual Programs

Procedural Information


Contact the Convocation Office

By phone: 592-6510

By email:


An “alternative convocation” will not receive approval if the speaker is not authorized.


Exceptions are granted on a case-by-case basis by the direction of the President or by special arrangement from the Provost or the Office of Spiritual Programs.